About Karen Deis

When I began in the mortgage business, I never imagined I’d become a pioneer and an advocate for women in the mortgage business. In my small town, I was the first woman closing agent, the first woman loan officer, the first woman branch manager, and ultimately the first women-owned mortgage company with an all-female staff.

Then something happened: my sister, co-owner of our company, was diagnosed with breast cancer. I couldn’t go on in the business without her, so we sold the company at a profit because of our huge client database and our consumer-direct marketing strategies, which are still relevant today.

I could gone back to working as a loan originator, but I knew my desire was to share and mentor other loan officers on how to increase THEIR mortgage business. I knew I could help them be successful and make more money than they ever could have imagined.

Then I realized women didn’t have a place where they could get peer advice or network with other mortgage women, get coaching consistent with their values, and generate business to support their families and retire comfortably once their originating days were over.

My other firsts include being the first woman to offer online seminars in 2004.

The first woman contributing editor for Mortgage Originator Magazine.

Created Mortgage Girlfriends membership group in 2007

Founder of MortgageCurrentcy.com in 2008

I have also created awesome content for mortgage loan originators that is affordable—and will help you bring in business.

Another thing: After attending a few mortgage sales rallies or association meetings, I noticed the speakers were mostly men in the industry; so, I asked why more women speakers weren’t hired. I was told, “because we don’t know where to find them.”

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I saw the opportunity and created the Women-only Mortgage Speakers Bureau as a one-stop website where top women experts in the mortgage industry can easily be discovered and hired to speak.

My goal is to make sure that more women speakers who are in the mortgage business be asked to speak at mortgage company sales rallies, events, and mortgage association meetings.

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